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Advanced Theta Healing


Advanced ThetaHealing opens the practitioner to a magical world of creative, unlimited possibilities.  This 3 day class teaches advanced Theta Healing techniques, which will elevate the students’ understanding and practice of this modality to a higher level of healing, allowing them to think so far outside the box that they will forget the box ever existed.

  • Advanced connection to the Divine
  • Advanced Creation of Feelings, Feeling Work
  • Advanced Digging for Beliefs and Fears
  • Life Enhancing Downloads
  • Releasing and Resolving the three R’s: Rejection, Resentment, Regret
  • An in depth explanation of the 7 Planes of existence
  • Releasing negative vow’s, oath’s and commitments within the 7 planes of existence
  • Connecting with Plants through the 7th Plane
  • Releasing Free Floating Memories (Memories stored in the subconscious whilst in a state of shock, trauma, unconsciousness or anaesthesia)
  • Releasing Trauma from the womb 
  • Repairing the Broken Soul
  • Ancestral Readings
  • Using Theta Healing to enhance your environment
  • Higher self connection and wisdom
  • Bending time, Accessing your future and much more

During this certification course you will learn how to apply Advanced Theta Healing techniques to  yourself and others.

Included with your investment: a course manual, Vianna’s “Advanced Theta Healing – All That Is” book and refreshments. Upon completion you will become an internationally certified ThetaHealing Advanced practitioner. (If you have taken the Advanced Theta Workshop with Eric Richardson in the past, you can now audit the workshop for half price!)

Prerequisites: Basic Theta Healing Certification from any licensed instructor.

Taught by ThetaHealing® Master, Eric Richardson, this course is developed and accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge in the USA.


Some of our previous students:


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"Thanks to you Eric and your teachings in Theta Healing, I feel proud, I have more confidence, knowing I can be so much more successful than I ever thought would be possible. Your London experience will be absolutely successful, you are a wonderful, loving, and inspirational speaker , teacher and mentor. With much love and hugs, for now and forever" 
- Yvonne P



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