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Basic Theta Healing 

Learn Theta Healing and transform your life...

The Basic ThetaHealing® DNA Practitioner’s course is a truly life-changing experience like no other. Learn more than just a technique. Learn a new and empowered way of living that will bring you a greater sense of freedom, joy and love. 

'I have never experienced such intense healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level as I did while I was doing the Theta Healing course. I want to invite and encourage everybody to take a course in Theta Healing and learn how to facilitate a healing on yourself or others and just witness the Creator of all heal ` Nianell (South African celebrity singer, songwriter & author)

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In the awesome training, you will:

  • Learn a special meditation and prayer technique (which is easy for anyone to learn) that allows you to connect to the Creator of All That Is (the divine energy) 
  • Learn how to go into the theta brainwave state and facilitate changing core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs, either self inflicted or externally imposed.
  • Learn how to intuitively read (remote view) a person’s body and identify the messages around any condition (physical, spiritual, emotional, financial)
  • Learn the 7 keys to awaken your intuitive abilities
  • Learn how to work with the DNA and activate the dormant DNA strands
  • Solve physical, emotional and spiritual issues, and receive/facilitate healing from God, the Creator of All That Is
  • Learn why some people heal and others don’t, and help them change this instantly
  • Learn how to help people without your energy being sucked dry
  • Learn the protocols to release all curses, negative energies, psychic hooks / cords, limiting subconscious belief programmes and toxic emotions without using tapping or hypnosis
  • Learn how to balance your moods and download "feelings" through Theta Healing
  • Learn how to balance the energy centres without using hands on healing or symbols.
  • Learn how to put your natural curiosity and empathy to good use to shift the vibration of people and the planet.

"Through the Creator of All That Is, instant healings, instant accountability, and instant results are created. It is the pure wisdom, of the Creative Force, the essence of pure Love" ~ Vianna Stibal. 

(It should be noted that delegates can use whatever name they have for God. The processes of ThetaHealing are not specific to any age, sex, race, color or creed or religion. Anyone with a pure belief in God or the Creative Force can learn how to access and use the branches of the ThetaHealing tree. This is why it appeals to religious people as well as spiritual people. all over the world.)

Over 3 fun-filled yet sacred days, you will learn, heal and practice all aspects of this international healing modality so that you are able and qualified to do full healing sessions with friends, family,and clients should you choose. 
Taught by ThetaHealing® Master, Eric Richardson, this stand-alone course will give you the tools to change your life and enhance your career and relationships. You will also learn how to use the interactive and intuitive techniques on yourself.

By the end of the seminar, the student is prepared to become a practitioner of ThetaHealing® as a ThetaHealer®.

Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing® Book and ThetaHealing® Manual 

You can also inquire about hosting this course in your area for groups of 6 or more people. 

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"Thanks to you Eric and your teachings in Theta Healing, I feel proud, I have more confidence, knowing I can be so much more successful than I ever thought would be possible. Your London experience will be absolutely successful, you are a wonderful, loving, and inspirational speaker , teacher and mentor. With much love and hugs, for now and forever" 
- Yvonne P



Would you like to host one of our seminars? Host students attend the class for free in exchange for making a block booking. Contact us for details. 




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