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What can you expect from a private Theta Healing session?

Theta Healing practitioners work on all levels of your being: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual as well as in all areas of your life from love & relationships to health, career, abundance, etc. They “tune in”  and determine the cause of patterns underneath illness, fears, failure, habits, and other life challenges, which need to be released and resolved for healing to occur. Healing, as we understand it, enables you to change and create the life you want, and so ThetaHealers are trained to help you instantly lift the unconscious blocks to healthy living, nutritional eating, exercising, prosperous thinking, business success, well-being, and so on, without using hypnosis or tapping.

In intuitive and interactive ways, Thetahealing practitioners could help you…

Manifest (More) Wealth and Abundance… we’ll identify and cancel your limiting subconscious beliefs and blocks that you don’t even know about! We can even help you manifest a soul mate by getting rid of limiting beliefs based on past experiences! But the work must be put in after the sessions….

Create (More) Confidence… the Theta Healing session will open your mind to new, empowering beliefs and actions that can lead to increased confidence, greater self-esteem, and overall positive feeling about yourself and your abilities to succeed in life. Consider the possibilities of Replacing self-esteem issues with complete self-love. Reconnect with the flow of the Universe and succeed.

Stop Procrastinating… by eliminating sabotaging behaviours and beliefs we can eliminate the “do it later” attitude so that you can get things done quickly, easily effectively and on time… Using Theta Healing, your subconscious could help you to easily and effortlessly do the “right” things, and take action. You can become the go to person that people trust. This can reduce the potential in your body to get sick.

Eliminate Fear and Anxiety… with Theta Healing you can remove subconscious beliefs and feelings of doubt and despair… we can help remove the subconscious beliefs behind any panic, fear or anxiety that cripples your success especially in the business world… and allow you to have faith that things can work out, that you can succeed, and that you deserve joy. Consider that by changing your programmes (without hypnosis) and getting some coaching from a Theta Healer, you can conquer all phobias and social fears, including fear of public speaking. This work is ideal for people in the corporate sector!

Overcome Illnesses… Did you know that when we hold guilt in our bodies we may be more susceptible to bacterial infections? Did you know that if you feel unloved your body is less likely to absorb vitamins even when taken as supplements? Using Theta healing tecniques, we can change this. We can help rejuvenate your mind and spirit so you can begin to move about the world with more energy, more freedom, more zest for life… and get more goodness back. By lifting limiting beliefs and toxic emotions, you let the Light shine in your body…Resolve weight issues… Release limiting beliefs that create weight issues (including illness which have weight issues as a symptom) Our RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Practitioners have extra training in this work. Of course, the client remains responsible for what they do after the sessions.


We can focus on karma issues, low self-esteem, ancestral curses, heath challenges and illness, self-sabotaging behaviours, phobias or fears, wedding jitters, emotional eating, co-dependency issues, blocks to money or abundance, perfectionism, boundary issues, spiritual growth, sexuality issues (including moving towards self-acceptance as a gay or lesbian person), relationships, guilt, shame, resentment, rejection, regret and much more.

In the session, your practitioner will ask you to complete a consent form.

In conversation with you, s/he may then “dig” and then cancel limiting belief programs (on core, history, genetic and soul levels) and ”download” new programs, and feelings that you wish to experience from God / the Creator of All That Is. Your body (cells and DNA) – and the Universe – then responds accordingly.

Your practitioner may also facilitate the cutting of cords (e.g. energetic divorce), the removal of psychic hooks, the return of soul fragments, the cleansing of your aura, balancing of your chakras and hormones,  and much more besides, depending on what is required.


The number of sessions needed depends on each individual. Some changes to wellbeing may seem to only take moments, others may unfold over time, or clients may choose to return for several sessions to resolve their issues. Three sessions, for example, may be all you need to deal with a particular life or health challenge. If you do energy work on a regular basis and just want a Theta session as a “tune up”, monthly visits work just fine.  Let your body, mind and spirit decide – and choose a practitioner with whom you resonate.

The ThetaHealing technique is always used in conjunction with conventional medicine

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"Thanks to you Eric and your teachings in Theta Healing, I feel proud, I have more confidence, knowing I can be so much more successful than I ever thought would be possible. Your London experience will be absolutely successful, you are a wonderful, loving, and inspirational speaker , teacher and mentor. With much love and hugs, for now and forever" 
- Yvonne P



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