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By Eric Richardson 

Some people forget that health and wellbeing often require changes in attitude and activities. In order to be healthy, you may need to change your diet. You have to get the right building blocks into your body that it can stay/become healthy and repair. A change in attitude may be required, for example, if you are to eat certain vegetables when you have never liked them.

You may also need to eliminate toxins from the body; it’s the toxins that are inhibiting the body from repairing, so get them out. Toxins can be from heavy metal poisoning as well as negative emotions that are stored in the organs of the body. They can be caused by a bad diet, or even the stress you keep experiencing in a particularly unhealthy environment. If you lack the courage to move homes, you may be exposed to lead poisoning. If you feel powerless to stand up to your boss, the resulting anger and resentment energies can get stored in the kidneys creating havoc with that organ's functioning.

So you may need to reduce your stress levels; the longer you stay in a state of chronic stress the more compromised all aspects of your body function become. This might require that you leave the situation which no longer serves your highest and best, recognising that walking away does not always mean “giving up”.   It might require you doing exercise, meditation, yoga, dancing etc. Or it might also require a simple shift in perceptions (which are informed by subconscious beliefs about what's expected) so that a situation which was previously "stressful" (leading to fight or flight modes) becomes easy to handle. “For example, if as children we learned that X is threatening, then whenever X comes into our environment, the mind’s interpretation will stimulate the brain to release neurochemicals that control cell behaviour and gene activity to coordinate a protection response… Perception controls biology (and) we are active participants in controlling the character of our health and behaviour (because we can) consciously control our perceptions” (Bruce Lipton).

Some people are able to make these changes just using positive thinking and free will. But for many people, Theta Healing (TH) offers much more because it works with the subconscious mind/body. By doing belief work and feeling "downloads", a TH practitioner can help you change your diet, detox and reduce stress. By literally changing the programs running the mind-body, a TH practitioner can help you return to vibrant health and vitality. Along the way, the practitioner can pull radiation and negative emotions trapped in the cells of the body, release the subconscious programs that keep you unnecessarily stuck in a place of suffering, activate your DNA, and teach the body new “feelings”.

Unfortunately, being diagnosed with a disease is something that many will experience at some point in our lives. And when that happens you are likely to experience a range of other emotional and physical responses. The diagnosis and treatment can be exceptionally stressful for many, and the reaction of others also matters. TH offers tools for managing your emotional state and reducing any fears and anxieties that are experienced because of a disease. It also offers energy tools to rebalance your system (the hormones, chakras, brain chemicals and alkalinity) to do what it needs to do to restore calm and wellbeing. TH can be used alongside any treatment plan, whatever the prognosis, stage or treatment. It can give you a way of taking back some control, finding some joy, and actively engaging in your body’s own healing process.

Moreover, TH can be used to discover and clear the underlying belief programs and emotions which generated the illness or disease in the first place. Working with a TH practitioner may be useful to help you to clear or resolve underlying core issues which may be contributing to the creation of the disease. This can include negative memories, ancestral beliefs stored in the genes, stubbornness programs, and traumas that are still stuck in our energy system. The “soul fragment retrieval process” and the “send love to baby in the womb” process are two very helpful processes here.

TH can also clear any negative beliefs, conscious or unconscious, connected with the disease itself. For example, if the disease is “hereditary”, and others died because of it, there may be a lot of blame or even guilt because of the blame. This energy needs to be cleared for the body to get well. Beliefs, we must remember, are very powerful. People die for their beliefs, they fight for them, religions are based on them, and governments are elected because of them. If a person believes they are weak, so then does their skeleton. Imagine how this could lead to bone diseases as the bones themselves have a weakness program?


Even if you do not go to a practitioner, you can do TH on yourself on a day to day basis to help you cope, and restore wellbeing if you are stressed or ill. Even if it just 'makes you feel better' and happier, learn TH, use the techniques, and who knows, perhaps you will also choose to work with clients! 


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