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Testimonials from people who have completed the 15 day Theta Healing Intuitive Anatomy course with Eric Richardson




Thank you so much Eric for being here and guiding so beautifully this process. You really are a NATURAL and VERY INTUITIVE TEACHER.

Felt so safe, cared for and respected in your presence.

Can’t quite fathom the depth of the transformation this course has had for me. I’m so looking forward to exploring this new dimension, and love the confidence I can/am feeling this with.

Realizing it’s a never ending journey I face it with patience and perfect timing.


Petra Thiele:


I did expect to learn a lot but not to experience so much healing. I also did not know there was still so much to be healed in myself. It was amazing that my body started to play out/show me symptoms of the topic we were dealing with on the next day.

The group of people was so perfect as I was shown so many aspects of myself in the others.

Eric is such a patient teacher who gives everybody the time to release ’stuff’ in our own divine timing. The greatness of his being compared with his wisdom and loving kindness allowed us to be guided through this process so gently and lovingly.


Surrey Naidoo:


Thank you Eric.

This has been an amazing journey for me. I have come to the course with the intention of ridding myself of all the sickness/illness/negative beliefs that I had – there is no words that I have to describe to you exactly how my life has been changed around. My frequencies have definitely been fine tuned. Your love, patience, understanding, caring, warmth, gentleness, knowing has helped to grow and blossom into my true self.


Beverley Fisher:


I feel so blessed to have attended this class. 3 weeks have flown by and I am left wanting more.

You are a spectacular teacher, healer and so understated. Thank you for intervening yesterday – you changed a belief.


Gail Meggersee:


Intensive, transformatory.

Whether we use it just for ourselves or for others, this knowledge will contribute to enhancing life and the world.

I appreciate Eric’s endless patience; his contributing to each student’s self-worth; his alertness to what’s going on with each one.

I recommend upgrading the manual, so it is more complex and editing out the mistakes.




This course has taken my understanding of Theta healing to a whole new level.

Phe-no-menal is an understatement of this life experience.

Improvement: add a blank page after every section to allow students to take notes.

My wish is for every IA student to be taught by you (Eric). You are an amazing teacher!!! Thank you for your support, nudging us to grow, and all the extra info and knowledge you shared with us. when I looks at you, I see so many aspects of God in you, with a good dose of humour too!

Looking forward to our next few classes. Thank you for believing in me.


Cailey Owen:


I can’t explain to anyone how this experience has changed me. I have gone from a stressed out frazzled shadow of my self to a calm centred and balanced powerful confident energy of oneness with the creator.

I learnt what I have been seeking and it was awesome to do it in such a safe space.

Thank you Eric for seeing me and supporting my soul and this journey. It was great to be seen and to meet YOU!


Philip Owen:


Eric is a brilliant teacher. His years of experience is really paying off. In the last three weeks I have done so much healing it’s almost scary. This course is a must. It’s a chance to turn your life around and start building a future with unlimited potential. I could go on and on but the “proof is in the pudding”. Thank you Creator.


Colette Evers:


Thanks Eric, absolutely fantastic. Have worked through loads of issues which I knew I had and others I didn’t even know I had. I feel lighter and brighter, ready to face the world being a new ‘me’. More confident, knowing who I am and determined to remain in my truth.

Once again, thanks Eric, I’ve had a wonderful time, was hard work but fun.


Beryl Broekman:


This is a wonderful course. It is vast in concept and the amount of information presented is staggering. It gives a lot of scope for practice and theory opportunities and is of immense value to any Theta Healing Practitioner.

Thank you for an amazing experience and the opportunity to develop my skills. The benefits will be revealed in the years ahead as it is impossible to see them all now even though I know they are there.


Jennifer Hepburn:


Found the course to be very stimulating, inspirational and totally amazing. It exceeded all my expectations and although I found it very tiring, it was extremely therapeutic (which is, no doubt, the explanation for the exhaustion every evening!)

Eric is a most professional teacher, who conducts the course with humour, empathy and it made the journey the success it has been.


Faith Adams:


Having done Theta Healing, I can discern between Gods truth, my truth and peoples thruth. I have learned how to release old stored emotions stored in my body which were affecting my physical health and reasoning.

I’ve grown emotionally, spiritually and physically and feel so ellightened.




Thank you Eric for the wonderful knowledge shared. Initially it felt to me that the days were long and I only felt grounded on day 5.

Its been an amazing journey interacting with the body – and so exciting to learn about the organs, endocrine and body parts etc. for me the DVDs were empowering as well.

The main and most important part of the course is Eric been able to hold and guide the class to what is best for all learners. I have really benefited from this course.




I started out undecided as to what my expectations of the course were. I found the first week invasive and I struggled with finding balance. Week 2 was easier and week 3 was a loving home. Eric guided us through with support and understanding.

What a ride!!

Looking back to where I was and to where I am now there’s an ocean of understanding, love and forgiveness.


Jenny Hart:


The films gave me a huge insight into the details of the body. I loved the balance between the learning (knowledge) and practical doing of the work. it really reinforced the whole experience for me.

My intuitive abilities were beautifully coaxed and encouraged. Wow – I am free to be me!




I experienced so much growth and expansion!

I have gained greater insight into both my own and other people’s belief systems, and feel enthusiastic and confident about helping others to heal and raise their consciousness.

Eric, your wealth of knowledge and your desire to share have been an inspiration. Thank you!

Receiving our amazing books on time would have been nice, but not necessary.


Debbie Graaff:


Words fail to express my gratitude to The Creator, Eric and Vianna for assisting me to ‘clear’ out limitations so that we or I may become unlimited potential.

The course, processes, beautiful souls – totally Awesome! Feels as though I have climbed Jacobs ladder!


David Harrison:


IA is completely different to beginners and advanced

So much more learning and understand and confidence build

At first didn’t enjoy the visitors sessions, and grew into it with more comfort

Movies were good and spot on for remembering and triggering.


Milica Bulatovic:


It was an amazing journey. I felt transformed and complete. I am not the same person before and after the course.

It was enjoyable and difficult at the same time.

The only part that was hard was when working some days with outside people after a difficult day of working on my old beliefs. But it was a great learning curve.

I felt privileged to have done this course with wonderful people.


Yvonne de Bont:


The course was fascinating and I formed a close bond with my fellow students. I expecting to do a lot of clearing of my own beliefs but more came up that what I knew I was carrying. It was great to have the support of Eric and my colleagues  in this wonderful journey to find the person hiding inside who has been waiting to come out into the open and be all I can be.

I recommend this course to anyone ready to work on themselves and ready to face and accept their shadow side. This course allows your soul to shine.


Raeesa Khan:


Amazing learing experience! The healings that happened in the learning was extremely beneficial. This process helped the student to become a clearer channel for being a healer. Physical and intuitive abilities also improved greatly. Wonderful group of healers in this group which made it safe to work with each other.

Loved the movies, which helped with visualisation.

Eric is a wonderful teacher! His ability to teach is always professional. His delivery in terms of the IA traing was very well received indeed!

Thanks to ‘the creator of all that is’ for bringing this inspiring information and skill to our fellow beings.  And thanks to vianna stibal too.


Patti Piottis:


Fabulous course, helped me understand how the systems work in our bodies

Helped me clear many beliefs of my own and taught me to be more confident with future clients

This course taught me to be patient with people who don’t believe in alternative healing modalities.

Found the course too long.

Fabulous Theta healing instructor WOW

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"Thanks to you Eric and your teachings in Theta Healing, I feel proud, I have more confidence, knowing I can be so much more successful than I ever thought would be possible. Your London experience will be absolutely successful, you are a wonderful, loving, and inspirational speaker , teacher and mentor. With much love and hugs, for now and forever" 
- Yvonne P



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