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Theta Healing
Soul Mates Practitioners

So many people are dealing with failed relationships, desperation, rejection, anger, frustration, resentment, sadness and emptiness born out of a lack of true love in their lives. Those of us who have learned ThetaHealing skills have an enormous opportunity to help ourselves and others heal the wounds and find joy.

This workshop will help you develop your skills to be Soul Mates Love Practitioners: wise men and women who feel loved, who can help people replace confusion and conflict etc with the happiness and serenity they’ve always wanted.

Although this is a certification programme, genuine qualification requires practice. You can’t learn ThetaHealing by memorizing things from a book. You have to know the techniques. You have to live them. This workshop gives you this chance as you work through hundreds of limiting beliefs about love and relationships – and practice a range of techniques.

For details of day 1 of the program click here. Day 1 is open to anyone. 

On day 2 you will

  • Identify and clear more Beliefs that may get in the way of you finding genuine happiness with a compatible soul mate
  • Identify new and far more productive ways to interact with everyone in your life
  • Recap the truth about soul mates, soul families, and twin flames
  • How to help your clients to bring and magnetize to them, their most compatible romantic Soul Mates.

This 2-day certification course is open to anyone who is a Certified Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner: single people, straight people, gay & lesbian people, seriously dating people, serial daters, couples, those wanting to make a bad relationship better, those in a good relationship wanting to make it great, newlyweds, oldy-weds, engaged couples, and those just wanting to help their clients heal “love wounds”…

Prerequisites for day 2:

Soul Mates Day, plus Basic and Advanced Theta Healing training with a certified instructor.

The workshop is offered by Eric Richardson:

Click here for details of when this course is being taught. 

You can also inquire about hosting this course in your area.

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"Thanks to you Eric and your teachings in Theta Healing, I feel proud, I have more confidence, knowing I can be so much more successful than I ever thought would be possible. Your London experience will be absolutely successful, you are a wonderful, loving, and inspirational speaker , teacher and mentor. With much love and hugs, for now and forever" 
- Yvonne P



Would you like to host one of our seminars? Host students attend the class for free in exchange for making a block booking. Contact us for details. 




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