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ThetaHealing SA Terms and Conditions:


Your submission of a registration form or booking email constitutes an acknowledgement and acceptance of the Agreement and full course fee due by you. Please do not make a payment or submit a registration form unless you are committed to completing the scheduled seminar and paying all fees due. 

All payments are non-refundable.

Unless otherwise stipulated, all fees for seminars / courses / classes with Eric Richardson must be paid in full at least 2 weeks ahead of the commencement of the course. There is a surcharge for any bookings made within one week of a seminar commencing.

If you cancel or withdraw from the seminar 14 days or more before the commencement of the seminar for which you registered, we will credit you the amount already paid, towards another seminar within the following year, or you may nominate someone to attend in your place. That person must meet all the qualifying criteria and you must email Eric first.  

If you cancel or withdraw from the seminar within 14 days of the commencement of the seminar, or after the seminar has commenced, no refunds are offered. In the event of you being hospitalized and therefore unable to attend the seminar as planned, we may credit you the amount already paid, towards another seminar within the following year.

Seminars with Eric Richardson are ordinarily pending until 2 weeks before class is scheduled to take place. We then see if student minimums are met. In the case that the student minimums are not reached, ThetaHealing SA retains the right to cancel or reschedule any scheduled class. If ThetaHealing SA is unable to reschedule or offer a suitable replacement class or teacher, all fees paid (including deposits) will be refunded.

Theta Healing SA is not responsible for your expenses incurred in preparation for any cancelled seminar, such as airline tickets, loss of work, and/or other costs associated with preparing for your course.

You acknowledge that payment of all course fees is due even if you do not receive an invoice; an email will suffice. 

Unless otherwise indicated it should be assumed that courses are developed and presented by Eric Richardson for educational purposes only.

Some of our seminars are developed by Vianna Stibal and offered in association with ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge (THInK) in the USA. Participants in these seminars are required to sign an agreement with THINK at the start of a training course with us. This will enable them to be licensed as ThetaHealers for a period of 5 years at the end of a course with us. Annual licence fees are not payable but practitioners are accountable to THInK.

ThetaHealing is a registered trademark of Nature’s Path & THInK and may not be used by anyone without permission from the owners. The official website for ThetaHealing International is Eric Richardson is licensed to use certain ThetaHealing trademarks and intellectual property, including manuals.

ThetaHealing SA may choose to list on this website the contact details of ThetaHealers trained by us, but we are under no obligation to do so. We reserve the right to refuse or delete the listing of any ThetaHealers on this website without explanation. Listing practitioners does not constitute an endorsement of the practitioners. We do not promote any ThetaHealing teacher not in a partnership with ThetaHealing SA.

ThetaHealing Practitioners remain responsible for their own practices, marketing, websites, clients and contracts with THInK, and cannot be deemed to be employees or associates of ThetaHealing SA.

If you book a session with a ThetaHealing practitioner or coach please ensure that you complete a client consent form and that the practitioner or coach explains fully what can be expected during the session(s).

Neither ThetaHealing SA or Eric Richardson or THInK will be held liable for adverse effects, injury, harm, illness or damage (including relationship changes) alleged to have been caused by the use of the methods and techniques of ThetaHealing, whether during a course with us or a session with a certified practitioner, at any time. Your use of their energy healing services is at your sole risk.

ThetaHealing is not to be used as a substitute for medical attention, diagnosis, or treatment, or for other professional mental health or medical services. It is a supplement to medical care, not a substitute for it, and practitioners may not claim to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or mental condition. Please see a medical doctor if necessary and continue with your prescribed medication despite participation in ThetaHealing sessions or training.

You acknowledge that only people certified to do so may call themselves Theta Healers, Theta Healing Practitioner, Theta Healing Instructors or Theta Healing Masters. 

Eric Richardson trades as ThetaHealing SA; all rights reserved.




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"Thanks to you Eric and your teachings in Theta Healing, I feel proud, I have more confidence, knowing I can be so much more successful than I ever thought would be possible. Your London experience will be absolutely successful, you are a wonderful, loving, and inspirational speaker , teacher and mentor. With much love and hugs, for now and forever" 
- Yvonne P



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