Attend Basic online via zoom

 or in person - 5-7 February 2021 at Yoga East Rand, Benoni, South Africa

In this awesome interactive training, you will:

  • Learn a special meditation and prayer technique (which is easy for anyone to learn) that allows you to connect to the Creator of All That Is (the divine energy) 
  • Learn how to go into the theta brainwave state and facilitate changing core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs, either self inflicted or externally imposed.
  • Learn how to intuitively read (remote view) a person’s body and identify the messages around any condition (physical, spiritual, emotional, financial)
  • Learn the 7 keys to awaken your intuitive abilities
  • Learn how to work with the DNA and activate the dormant DNA strands
  • Solve physical, emotional and spiritual issues, and receive/facilitate healing from God, the Creator of All That Is
  • Learn why some people heal and others don’t, and help them change this instantly
  • Learn how to help people without your energy being sucked dry
  • Learn the protocols to release all curses, negative energies, psychic hooks / cords, limiting subconscious belief programmes and toxic emotions without using tapping or hypnosis
  • Learn how to balance your moods and download "feelings" through Theta Healing
  • Learn how to balance the energy centres without using hands on healing or symbols.
  • Learn how to put your natural curiosity and empathy to good use to shift the vibration of people and the planet.

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Course Details

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What’s In Basic?

The Basic ThetaHealing® Course gives you a concrete step by step process and tools for your transformation. Here is what you will be learning during your 3 Days with Theta Transformation:

The ThetaHealing® guided visualization meditation that allows you to access the Theta brain wave and connect directly to the Energy of All That Is.

An understanding of how the subconscious mind works and how beliefs affect your health (mental and physical) as well as, what you are creating in your life.

A deep understanding of the power of your words and thoughts and how to use the power of focused thought.

An exploration of the different forms of intuition, how to identify with forms you have and how to grow them.

How to intuitively do readings, on the body, emotions, feelings, and the most likely future being created.

The step by step process to identify the origins of your limiting beliefs and replace them with positive new beliefs in order to effectively change your patterns.

Access your innate abilities as a healer to transform the health of the body. Healings will be practiced as a group, in pairs, and on oneself.How to communicate with your spiritual guides.DNA activation and change your limiting genes.How to manifest using the ThetaHealing® technique.


"I’ve gone through a life-changing weekend where so much that was wrong in my life was not only identified but worked through and corrected / healed with such simplicity and speed as to boggle the mind. The aspect I enjoyed the most was the huge amount of practical work done on these 3 days. Most amazing experience. There was so much love, joy and peace felt all the time.” (Helena)

“An exciting adventure. The things that have been revealed to me during this period have been eye-opening. Our lives are limited by our own beliefs and these can be changed so easily though Theta Healing. Many thanks to Eric for his guidance and compassion in helping us find and experience our true selves” (Uni)

“Life-changing. Re-membering. Awakening. Filled with unconditional love. Re-turning home. Re-connecting. Thank you Eric, you are an awesome teacher, gently and creatively powerful! Keep following the light and shining for people to follow it. With gratitude, love and light.” (Tracy)“The skill and knowledge learnt was awe-inspiring! It was simply amazing! The facilitator was very highly skilled and shared this modality with ease and with God’s love! I’m very excited and can’t wait to practice” (Raessa)

“Eric, you were fantastic this weekend. I experienced a lot of unbelievable change. The healing is so easy and powerful that I doubted it at times. Thank you for being a great teacher and for facilitating our healing. Very very powerful! I feel brand new” (Eva)

“It’s a life-changing experience, learned to love myself and all humans around me irrespective. I would recommend it for all.” (Marelize)“The course has been enlightening. It has expanded my being and my horizon. It has given me a sense of ‘oneness’ with all that is and I feel quite amazing. Thank you” (Tanya from Kenya)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have learned a lot. And I know that I will be helping others and therefore helping myself and getting on the right path on my earthly journey. Thank you.” (Carmen)

“My personal experience was one of instant healing and transformation on all levels. This course transcends any other healing modality. Highly recommended. Eric teaches with great passion and insight. Life-changing experience.” (Loretta)“It was a fantastic weekend. I am 81 years old, but I never felt tired, always full of energy. New vistas have opened. Thank you” (Heinz)

“Thank you for showing us the light. Truly a life-changing experience”. (Marianna)

“I’ve done many spiritual courses but none that inspired me more than this one – ultra non plus. It was all the positive adjectives in the dictionary. Love and blessings and thank you, thank you, thank you” (Ingrid)

“I feel like I have slowed down from a spiralling vortex to a slower more aligned and stronger pace that I can stand back from myself and reflect on what is in front of me. I feel like I am three steps behind myself smiling. I feel at peace and enjoyed the interaction with all. I feel closer and at ease with all in and on my path… I value your input, teachings and sharing, and feel I am valued to be part of the higher being… and connected to all. Quite intense” (Mycal)

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