Saturday 19 June 2021! 

Medical Intuition is not just the domain of a few gifted people. Everyone has the ability to "see" the body with “new eyes” and to “feel”, sense, know, and perceive instinctively, what may be out of balance on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, and what the source of the illness is. You just have to learn how...

What we will cover in this live, interactive workshop open to everyone...

 The secrets of medical intuition

• The 4 types of psychic people and how to enrich your light body.

• The importance of knowing your body's messages through intuition – the connection between what is happening in your life and the condition of your body.

• New processes to help you start or improve your remote viewing and intuitive scanning abilities.

• Using consciousness to visit with a body anywhere on Earth

• How to gain psychic insights from the organs of the body.

• How imagination and intuition work together.

• How to recognize when and where energy is “blocked” within your body.

• Understanding the kinds of issues (and emotions) that may be behind pain, disease and illness in the body’s systems.

• The benefits of medical intuition and how to use it with your family etc

• Guided meditations, experiences, fun, and more... 

Saturday 19 June 2021! 

10am - 5pm Johannesburg time zone

9.30am - 3.30pm London

10.30am - 4.30pm Amsterdam

12.30pm - 6.30pm Dubai

2pm - 8pm New Delhi  

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"We need to pay attention to our pains, our illness, and our inner emotional condition. We cannot just push through the pain, or mask the pain with a pill, without great dis-ease eventually taking over us. The inner wisdom that is our body speaking to us is significant indeed. Our physical symptoms are giving us clues as to the areas in our lives that need attention. These clues come out in symbols, or metaphors regarding our true body-mind-soul condition."

- Elle Bieling