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Are you ready to recode the story in your mind with new empowering beliefs and emotional experiences? Are you ready to heal old wounds that keep you from living your life fully? Are you ready to feel empowered and whole?

Embark on a transformative journey with Eric M Richardson-Freese through private sessions, available both online and in-office. Delve into a personalized experience tailored to address your individual challenges, issues, and health concerns.

Our mission? To unearth and dissolve the barriers standing between you and your optimal wellbeing and abundance, while introducing you to profound feelings like joy, peace, and love that may have eluded you thus far.

Harnessing the power of the ThetaHealing technique, Eric taps into the theta brainwave and divine energy to facilitate healing and propel you toward your healing or development objectives.

A session typically starts with an energy scan to find blocks that would have taken the client months or even years of talk therapy and inner exploration to discover… The direction of the session is then guided by your preferences and comfort level. Throughout the session, you remain comfortably seated and fully conscious, actively participating in your own growth. Your consent in the process is important and Eric will  alway seek your verbal approval before changing any subconscious belief programs or doing any energy healing processes.

Prepare for a journey of deep transformation and integration, as healing unfolds in gradual layers.

To experience the full momentum and profound healing potential, we recommend a minimum of five sessions.

It’s time to unlock your true potential and embrace a life of vitality and fulfilment.

Confidential appointments are booked on a on a first come first serve basis. To reserve an appointment space, it is ideal to book your next appointment at the end of a session, in order to help you keep your commitment to yourself. If you prefer engaging in regular, consecutive sessions, it is best to schedule those sessions ahead of time.

Please use the automated booking system. You choose the slot that works for you. If you need a session after hours, please liaise directly with me. If you choose to stop your regular sessions, please provide advance notice to me of at least one session so that I may provide closure for you.

Book an appointment with ThetaHealing SA using Setmore

Payments for our private online sessions are paid prior to the scheduled session and we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Payments for Zoom/Skype sessions are due upon your receipt of your PayPal invoice. Face to face sessions must be paid by EFT ahead of time or in cash at the end of the session. Packages can be purchased directly from  me. 

People who seek the services of Eric Richardson-Freese, a ThetaHealing Master practitioner and Certificate of Science graduate, often do so for various reasons, including:

1. **Physical Health Issues:** Some individuals turn to Eric to address physical ailments or chronic health conditions. Resolving underlying emotional or energetic imbalances can have a positive impact on their physical well-being.

2. **Emotional and Psychological Concerns:** Those dealing with emotional challenges such as anxiety, depression, trauma, or relationship issues may get Eric to help address the emotional and energetic aspects of these issues.

3. **Personal Growth and Self-Improvement:** People interested in personal development may consult with Eric to overcome limiting beliefs, improve self-esteem, or enhance their overall quality of life.

4. **Spiritual Exploration:** ThetaHealing can be appealing to those on a spiritual journey looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and their connection to a higher power or the universe.

5. **Stress Reduction and Relaxation:** Some individuals may turn to Eric for stress relief and relaxation, as the practice often involves meditation and deep relaxation techniques.

6. **Seeking Alternative or Complementary Healing:** Those who prefer alternative or complementary healing modalities to conventional medicine may explore ThetaHealing as an option. It's important to note that while many people find ThetaHealing beneficial and experience positive results, it's not a replacement for medical or psychological treatment when needed.

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Legal Disclaimer: While I always hold the highest intention for the most transformative healing possible for you, I cannot guarantee how your consciousness will process your inner work. The impact and effect from healing is individualized and dependent upon a wide array of influences, and therefore no guarantee of personal results can be made. No claim is made for the treatment or cure of any new or previous medical or psychiatric conditions. You implicitly and explicitly take full legal responsibility for your own emotional and/or physical well being both during and after any workshop, webinar, or private session. I am not legally liable for your choices.  I will also not diagnose, advise or recommend medication/supplements, nor offer any advice or opinion about any medication/supplements you may receive from healthcare providers or mental health professionals.  When you book a private coaching or healing session with me, you are indicating acceptance of this disclaimer.